Love is the main ingredient in our recipes and our recommended daily allowance is to both give and receive all you possibly can.

We are sons of the third generation blessed to have been raised in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay – the largest estuary in the United States. The Chesapeake is home to the Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus), which is arguably the finest crabmeat in the world used to make Maryland style jumbo lump crab cakes. When we started in the crab cake business in the early 1980's all of the crabmeat came from Maryland – but now, 25 years later, crabmeat from Maryland is both scarce and expensive.

As you might imagine, crabmeat sources have expanded far beyond the Chesapeake over the years – to the point that most crab cakes sold in grocery and club stores are made from "Blue Swimming Crab" which is a different species only found outside USA waters. In fact, many crab cakes sold in club and grocery stores are actually being made overseas and then shipped here for sale.

Kent Island Crab CakesWe've worked right alongside each other for almost 20 years and observed that even though most customers are driven by low prices, there are always some customers who are driven by quality. Kent Island Crab Cakes are for those who seek quality crab cakes made exclusively from crabmeat of the Blue Crab – as much as possible from the Chesapeake Bay. We learned that growing a business too large or too fast just to attain more sales puts a strain on product quality.

We will not make that mistake. Our goal is to limit sales to those customers who demand the finest crab cakes available, made by hand right here in Maryland and those who understand why some seafood products are "market priced".

Ordering Kent Island's Maryland style, gourmet, jumbo lump crab cakes has never been easier. Simply click here! We'll ship your order straight to your home or business. We are proud to share our crab cake cuisine with all the USA!

We have a sign in our office that embodies what our crab cakes are all about ......."The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten".

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